Being a pilot is the dream of many people. The training required to become a pilot is a question mark for young people who aspire to be at the controls of an airplane. Many people ask an acquaintance who is a pilot by profession where to start piloting. Another option is to embark on an arduous journey through the ocean of the internet, where information is abundant but complex. Those who research the issue on the internet may be exposed to conflicting information from different sources. We decided to write a blog article to find a solution to this problem and to present the answer to the question “What are the requirements to become a pilot?” in a simple, up-to-date and explanatory way. Now, in this article, let’s take a look at what conditions are required to fly an airplane and what training you need to receive.

If you are going to fly your own plane and do not aim to earn a commercial income, it will be enough for you to get PPL, Private Pilot License training. The requirements for private pilot are as follows:

● Be at least 17 years old,
● 2 from Aviation Medical Centers. to have a class health certificate,
● No criminal record.

If you want to become an airline pilot or earn money as a pilot of commercial aircraft such as private jets, you will need to take ATPL, Airline Transport Pilot License courses. The requirements for becoming an airline pilot are as follows:

● Be at least 17 years old (Applicable for those who will start the modular course from the very beginning),
● Graduated from at least high school or equivalent,
● Taken from Aviation Medical Centers 1. to have a class health certificate.

Can a High School Graduate Become an Airline Pilot?
According to Turkish Civil Aviation Legislation, it is sufficient to be a high school graduate in order to receive flight training and become a pilot in an airline. However, it should be noted that when a high school graduate with an ATPL license applies for a job as an airline pilot, candidates with a university degree have a better chance of being employed.

Those who wish to receive the above-mentioned trainings at a private aviation school can contact our academy for more detailed information, as the fees vary depending on the semester, foreign language and license type.

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