NVFR – Night Flight Training

“Night Visual Flight Rules” (NVFR), also known as “night visual flight rules” (ing. Night Visual Flight Rules) for flights after dark, in other words, Night VFR covers the time period from 30 minutes after sunset to 30 minutes before sunrise. The NVFR flight, which must be performed for at least 5 hours in order to obtain a CPL license, includes both instructor pilot and solo flights. In NVFR – Night Flight trainings; all necessary procedures are demonstrated to pilots in order to ensure the competence to perform visual take-offs and landings under night conditions.
This training is essential for pilots to be able to make appropriate decisions and take the right actions during night flights.

It provides pilots with knowledge of night vision, air traffic management, lighting systems and other night flying features. Understand visibility and weather conditions. In this way, pilots can anticipate the risks that may occur in night conditions and improve flight safety by making appropriate decisions.

NVFR is important to reduce the risk of accidents or incidents during night flights. These rules help prevent incidents such as mid-air collisions, loss of control or collisions with obstacles caused by poor visibility. Pilots who comply with NVFR rules have the necessary skills and experience to fly safely in night conditions, which is important to ensure the safety of passengers and crew.
NVFR is also designed to protect the physical and psychological health of pilots and crew. Long overnight flights can cause problems such as sleep deprivation, fatigue and jet lag. Complying with NVFR rules can help pilots and crews deal with these issues and maintain their vigilance during night flights.

Cessna 172 or Cessna 152 aircraft in our fleet are used for Night Flight trainings. For trainees coming from outside the city for Night VFR training, there is free accommodation and shuttle service in our guesthouse. The training is completed in 2-3 nights.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will I take a check flight after NVFR training?

No, you won’t be taking any check flights.

NVFR training is a total of 5 hours of flight training, 1 hour of which is solo flight.

Before your NVFR flight, you will be given a face-to-face training by your instructor pilot and then you will take an exam from this training.

Unfortunately, you can’t start

Night Flight Training (Night VFR) is usually completed within 3 nights at our flight academy.

Cessna 172 or Cessna 152 aircraft are used.

NVFR covers the period from 30 minutes after sunset to 30 minutes before sunrise.