For those who are bored with corporate life and dream of following their passion for aviation and living in the sky, pilot training is the most popular destination in recent times. The training required for candidates who will choose piloting as a profession is undoubtedly the “Airline Transport Pilot License” (ATPL) course. So, can someone who has to work and chooses to become a pilot for his/her future career goal fit the ATPL training, which normally takes 14-18 months under normal conditions, into the busy pace of his/her work and private life? Can you be a pilot while working? How to train as a pilot without leaving your job? Let’s examine the answers to these questions together.

Can You Become a Pilot While Working?
It is possible to become a pilot or even an airline pilot while working. Even without having to quit your job, i.e. resign. Of course, this only applies to the so-called modular ATPL, where training is delivered in flexible packages that complement each other and are spread over time. In integrated ATPL programs, where all courses are given in a single package, it is not possible to work and train as a pilot at the same time. The biggest advantage of this type of training over the modular ATPL is that it allows you to become a pilot in a shorter period of time. The best way to get involved in integrated training programs is to quit your current job and spend all your time on training.

How to Train as a Pilot without Leaving Your Job?
Pilotluk eğitimleri içerisinde hem teorik dersleri hem de uçuş eğitimini barındırır. For example, in order for a person to receive PPL (private pilot) training, 45 hours of flight training and 105 hours of theoretical training are required. It is possible to receive your theoretical trainings remotely/online with the development of technology and the change in the approach to education, especially thanks to the special conditions that emerged after the pandemic. Pilot candidates have the opportunity to complete this phase without being away from business life by attending classes in a virtual classroom environment after their shift at the workplace is over. In flight training, the situation is not much different. Pilot candidates can easily take their flight training on weekends, just as they have time for theoretical training after work.

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