Wouldn’t you like to transfer your years of cabin experience to the cockpit, get pilot training and become a pilot for a prestigious airline?

With the ATPL (Airline Transport Pilot License) Training Program, which we have specially developed for cabin crew candidates, we aim to bring you to your pilot dreams while you work. This program, which includes 700+ Hours of Theoretical and 200+ Hours of Flight Training, is tailor-made for all cabin crew members and brings along personalized training, flight planning, virtual classroom training and the opportunity to fly in different locations. If you want to bring your cabin crew experience to the cockpit and be in the wheelhouse behind the door, this training is for you!

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Is Programming Class/Semester Oriented?

No! Training programming is planned individually.

No! It is possible to fly with different types of aircraft in our fleet.

In the trainings we provide in our flight school, fuel money etc. no extra training fee is charged.