ME – Multi Engine Training

It authorizes pilots to fly as pilot in charge in single-pilot multi-engine aircraft.

To have at least PPL(A)

  • Have a 1st class health certificate
  • To have performed NVFR flight
  • Candidates must have completed at least 70 hours of PIC flight hours before starting training.

ME Flight training;

  • 6 hours of classroom authorization,
  • 5 hours of multi-engine instrument flight authorization;
    A total of 11 hours are flown.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does ME Training Include Check Flight Fee?

ME training fee includes all flight related expenses except DGCA fees (examiner assignment and license issuance).

Yes, we do. You can stay in our student houses free of charge.

We will organize it at Samsun Carsamba International Airport.

It takes approximately 15 days.