How did the airline pilots we meet at airports and admire as they pass by start their careers? What training did they receive to become airline pilots? How long do airline pilot courses last? We have prepared the answers to your questions for you in this article.

The name of the license held by airline pilots is ATPL (ing. Airline Transport Pilot License), in Turkish: Airline Transport Pilot License. A person who holds this license can pilot airlines or private jets, and is authorized to fly commercial flights such as tourist trips. And how do they get this license?

In Turkey, there are 3 methods to obtain an Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL).

By enrolling in airline flight academies:

It is the training provided by airlines to train their own pilots in certain periods. You must meet the minimum requirements of the airlines and pass the interview. For more information, you can follow the airlines’ websites.

By enrolling in the pilotage department of universities:

It is the education given by universities to those who provide the required base score from the university exam conducted by ÖSYM.

By enrolling in airline pilot training through flight schools authorized by the Ministry of Transport:
Education provided by private institutions. Being 17 years old and a high school graduate is enough to obtain the ATPL license required for airline piloting.

ATPL training is usually modular, meaning it is taken in parts. For example, it is possible to obtain a private pilot license, which does not authorize its holders to fly commercially, and then gain flight experience and then be eligible to participate in pilot license training for commercial transportation. You can start these trainings from the age of 17. The first training is called the private pilot’s license, or PPL. When you complete your PPL training, you perform an 88-hour experience gaining flight, which is called PIC (Pilot In Command) in Turkey and Time Building (Time Filling) abroad. During this training, you receive NVFR (also known as Night VFR) training to be authorized for night flight and after completing the exams of your ATPL theory courses, you are entitled to start CPL, that is, Commercial Pilot License training. It may be a bit complicated, but the order is usually as follows:


Once you have a CPL, you can fly commercial flights, but you cannot apply to airlines and become an ATPL holder without taking instrument flight and twin-engine aircraft training. For this reason, you go through the Instrument Flight (IR) Training phase, you learn the instrument flight phase by looking at the indicators on the airplane, not by sight. Finally, you move on to one of the most enjoyable trainings; Multi-Engine Training. After completing this training with pleasure, you will have ATPL.

What is the Duration of Airline Pilot Training?

ATPL training, which enables commercial flights, varies according to the person’s work performance, meteorology, the authority from time to time and the flight academy to which the person is affiliated. This process usually takes between 14-18 months.

Is it Possible to Apply for an Airline Job with ATPL?
There are tens or even hundreds of different types of airplanes in the world. Some have long wings, some have 3 engines, some have more autonomous/electronic systems. For this reason, in order to use most of the advanced aircraft, you need to get Type Rating (Type Training), but don’t be disappointed, it is not compulsory to get this training. After the recruitment processes are completed according to their own aircraft fleet and operation procedures, airlines provide Type Training for the aircraft fleet they assign you to and collect the fee in installments from your salary.

How Much Does ATPL Training Cost?

Our ATPL training at NorthFly Flight Academy costs 46,000 Euros, but this fee may vary if you want to train in English or if you want to continue the second phase of your training abroad.

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