NorthFLY Flight Academy is a flight school authorized by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), which was first established in Samsun, has campuses in Istanbul and Tekirdağ and provides pilotage and aviation training services to individuals and public institutions in many parts of Turkey.

19 Mayıs Havacılık Gençlik ve Spor Kulübü


Aviation Club Founded

Founded in 1988 to contribute to the aviation culture in Samsun, our first flight operation center since then, 19 Mayıs Aviation Club started its flight life with sport aircraft in October-2015.


DroneTURK joins the family

Droneturk UAV Flight Academy, which currently holds the title of the largest UAV Flight Academy in our country with all authorizations in the field of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Systems, was incorporated into our company in October-2016.

PIC Cenneti


PIC Paradise Foundation

For more than 10 years, PIC (Time Building) Flight Operation and Aircraft Charter center ” PIC Paradise ” was established under the leadership of our experienced pilot team who have worked in various flight operations.


NorthFLY Flight Academy Foundation

PIC Paradise, Turkey’s first PIC (Time Building) Flight Operation and Aircraft Charter Center, has been authorized by the Ministry of Transport as an “Approved Flight Academy” after passing the 10,000 hours flight operation limit by expanding its aircraft fleet and team.



Erdogan ABACI Flight School Hangar Opened

NorthFLY, which continues its flight operations at Samsun – Çarşamba International Airport, has completed the Flight School Hangar built at Samsun – Çarşamba International Airport to be used as an Aircraft Hangar and Flight Operations Center in order to increase the quality of service it provides to its students. NorthFLY has earned the title of being one of the only two flight schools in this field to have an Aircraft Hangar and Flight Operations Center on a single campus on the controlled side of an international airport.


Istanbul Liaison Office and Corlu Flight
Operation Center opened

NorthFLY, which has served 600+ Graduate Pilots in various stages of training, has launched its Liaison Office on the European Side of Istanbul and Flight Operations Center at Çorlu Airport in order to provide better service to our trainees residing in and around Istanbul with the experience it has gained.

Airways Aviation


Global Aviation Giant Airways Aviation
First contact with Global

Discussions have started with Airways Aviation Aviation Training Center, a global aviation giant operating in Australia, France, India, Lebanon and Dubai, regarding possible collaborations in Turkey and the Middle East.



Our Fleet Completely Renewed

In order to train pilots to meet all the needs of the changing and developing aviation industry, all aircraft in our fleet were modernized.



Flight at Selcuk Efes Airport
We Started Operations

In order to provide better service to our trainees residing in the Aegean region, Selçuk-Efes Airport Flight Operations Center has been put into operation.



Airways Aviation Turkey Established

An agreement has been reached with the Global Aviation Giant Airways Aviation Aviation Training Center to operate in the field of Airline Pilot Training (ATPL) in the Middle East – North Africa – India and Caucasus countries.

Airways Aviation


Haliç University Pilotage Trainings


Cooperation agreement signed with Haliç University for pilot training.