It authorizes pilots to provide the necessary flight training for the issuance, renewal or renewal of a pilot’s license or authorization in the relevant category of aircraft.

Flight Instructor – Candidates applying for FI authorization;
Hold at least CPL(A); or,
Must hold at least PPL(A) and,
Must meet the ATPL theoretical knowledge requirements, except for FI(A)’s which only provide LAPL(A) training.
Must have completed at least 200 hours of flight time, of which at least 150 hours must be PIC.
The FI training course includes the following:
25 hours of teaching and learning techniques and at least 100 hours of theoretical training;
30 hours of flight training.

Who Can Apply?

  • Minimum PPL Holder for LAPL FI
  • Or CPL Holder

Why Us?

Frequently Asked Questions

FI (A) training consists of 125:00 hours of theory and 30:00 hours of flight.

After completing the FI course, only the flight instructor authorization to give PPL(A) will be added to your license, and as your flight instructor hours increase, your authorizations such as CPL(A), authorization to give night flight training will be added to your license.

If you meet the following training requirements, you can be authorized as a flight instructor with your PPL(A) license.
To have taken the theoretical courses and passed the exams required to obtain a commercial pilot license.
Total flight experience must be at least 200:00 hours and flight time as PIC must be 150:00 hours.
10:00 hours of instrument flight training.

After receiving the flight instructor authorization, you will perform your instructor flights under the supervision of another flight instructor who is not restricted. After 100:00 hours of flight instructing and supervising 25 solo flight missions, this restriction is lifted and flight instructing is performed without supervision.

18 years of age is required.

FI olabilmek için lise veya dengi bir kurumdan mezun olmak gerekmektedir.

30-hour flight trainings are conducted from Samsun Çarşamba Airport.