CPL – Commercial Pilot License Training

This training provides the necessary authorization to perform IR instrument flight (flight with the help of flight indicators and instruments in the cockpit) with SEP (Single Engine Piston) and ME (Multi Engine) class aircraft at night or in limited visibility conditions.

IR training is of great importance in commercial pilot training. This certificate allows pilots to have a wider range of flights and fly in more airspace. In addition, pilots with IR can fly more safely and comfortably.

Applicants applying for an instrument rating:

  • At least PPL(A) license
  • Night flight authorization
  • Must have completed 50 hours of PIC navigation flight, at least 10 hours of which must be in the relevant aircraft category
  • 1st class health certificate
  • ICAO Level 4 English proficiency
  • To successfully complete the exams of Knowledge of Air Law, General Knowledge of Aircraft, Flight Instruments, Flight Planning and Monitoring, Human Performance, Meteorology, Radio Navigation and IFR Communication courses

It gives pilots the privilege to fly under IFR (Instrumental Flight Rules) conditions in the category of aircraft in question.
50 hours of flight training;
A minimum of 15 hours of flight with Cessna C172 model airplane and a maximum of 35 hours of FNPT II model simulator flight are completed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does IR Training Include Check Flight Fee?

IR training fee includes all flight related expenses except DGCA fees (examiner assignment and license issuance).

Yes, we do. You can stay in our student houses free of charge.

We will organize it at Samsun Carsamba International Airport.

It takes approximately 45 days.