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With the agreement signed in 2021, NorthFLY Academy is the Turkey Operations Partner of Global Aviation Academy Airways Aviation. NorthFLY Academy is the only school in Turkey where you can start your EASA and CASA ATPL training processes.


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What awaits Pilot Candidates at NorthFLY

Global Connections

Collaboration with Airways Aviation, Aviation Education Giant with Locations in 3 Continents and 7 Countries

Academic Experience

Joint Aviation and Pilotage Training Programs with National and International Universities

Aircraft Variety

Opportunity to Get a Unique Experience During Flight Training by Flying Airplanes with Different Aerodynamics

Flexible Training Model

Ease of Receiving Pilotage Training with Programs Created Not for the Fleet, but for Individuals


Opportunity to Get Flight Training Without Wasting Time Thanks to Our Operational Agility

Multi Location

Opportunity to Fly in Different Locations and Experience Different Regions During Pilot Training

Pilot Training Programs

Popular Aviation Programs


PPL Training

Private Pilot License Training
46.5 Flight Hours

ATPL Training

Airline Transport Pilot License
210+ Flight Hours

EASA ATPL Training

EASA ATPL in Turkey
210+ Flight Hours

CASA ATPL Training

CASA ATPL in Turkey
210+ Flight Hours
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What Are Our Participants Saying?


The Environment at the Flight School, My Pilotage Training Was Much More Enjoyable Than I Expected, Connected Me Even More To The Flight School


When You Go to the Office in Istanbul, You Can Understand That People Have An Education Oriented Aviation Perspective From Their Approach