Even though we are constantly having to make new choices for different motivations in both our private and professional lives, and even though we may take different routes on the road of life, there are always desires and passions that we keep alive in the depths of our hearts. Some of us want to climb the highest peaks of giant mountain ranges, others want to explore the deepest reaches of the seas, and those with a passion for aviation want to soar in the sky. The biggest goal for those who want to pursue their passion for aviation is undoubtedly to become a pilot.
Many people who pursue this dream prefer to start their pilotage training during their university years. But is it possible to carry out a job that requires discipline and focus like piloting at the same time as a university education? The answer to this question lies in one’s own preferences. Instead of spending their free time socializing in crowded cities, young pilot candidates should take decisive steps to get involved in aviation culture, pursue their passion and increase their knowledge. So how can a person become a pilot while studying at university? How can he/she train as a pilot while studying at university? Let’s take a look together.

Can University Education and Pilot Training be Combined?
Following the courses regularly, challenging midterm and final semesters, endless project assignments. It is possible to train as a pilot without having to interrupt any of them. With the modular ATPL program in our flight academy, which is a training in flexible packages spread over time, we carry out your theoretical lessons in a virtual classroom environment and make it easier for you to become a pilot while studying at university by coinciding your flights with your vacation times.

How to Get Pilotage Training While Studying at University?
Modular training programs have made your pilot training much easier. The ATPL certificate, which allows you to apply for a job in airlines, can be easily obtained with the program called modular ATPL, where both theoretical and flight trainings are given in flexible packages at different times. You can also complete the necessary steps for your pilot career with modular trainings and obtain an ATPL certificate.

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