Manufactured in 1955 as the Cessna 170C model, but certified as the Cessna 172 after many modifications, this aircraft has become one of the world’s best-selling aircraft with approximately 50,000 units since its first production.

The Cessna 172, a 4-seater single-engine airplane, is available in 18 different models. The Cessna 172, which lacked many details such as the electric flap and rear window that made it a legend when it was produced in 1955, was developed over time to keep it up-to-date. Thanks to its constant updating, it has maintained its current position in the market and has become one of the most reliable training aircraft. It was preferred not only by flight schools providing aviation training, but also by individual users and the air forces of many countries.

The Cessna C172 model, which was initially produced with 6-cylinder Continental engines, was produced with 4-cylinder Lycoming engines after Cessna ended its cooperation with Continental engines, and these engines are still preferred.

The dimensions of the Cessna 172 are as follows.

Length : 8.3m

Height : 2.7 m
Wing Span :11.00 m
Wing Area : 16.17 m2

Cabin Height : 1.2 m
Cabin Width : 1.00 m
Cabin Length : 3.6 m
Maximum Number of People : 4

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