Get ready to go from zero to the top!

Are you ready to become a sought-after pilot in the aviation industry with our job-guaranteed pilot training at NorthFLY Flight Academy?
If you are ready, with this program you will not only get an airline transport pilot license but also a flight instructor license. After successfully completing the training, job guarantee is also in this program.

Importance of Flight Instructor Training

Although the need for pilots has increased after the pandemic, airlines give priority to experienced pilots in recruitment processes. For this reason, many pilot candidates who complete their airline pilot training prefer to get a flight instructor license and then work in flight schools for a certain period of time. As NorthFLY Flight Academy, Flight Instructor career awaits you after completing your ATPL training in our Job Guaranteed pilotage program.

Importance of Job Guarantee

ATPL pilots receive 220 hours of flight training, but this program offers you more than 270 hours of flight training. In addition, you can become a more experienced pilot by flying tens or even hundreds of hours more during the period you work as a flight instructor (within the scope of job guarantee), and you can prioritize yourself in airline pilot recruitment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does Job Guaranteed Pilotage Training Take?

Total training lasts 16-22 months. This period depends on the performance of the pilot candidate.

When you complete the training, you can work at NorthFly Flight Academy on a 1-year contract.

As an FI you can work in all educational institutions.

90% online, 10% face-to-face at Samsun Carsamba Airport.

During your education, you can stay free of charge in our student houses in Samsun Atakum and use our free shuttle service to the airport.

Anyone who is 17 years old, has no criminal record and has at least a high school diploma can apply.

Flights are operated at Samsun Carsamba Airport.

It is being held at Samsun Carsamba Airport.