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NorthFLY Flight Academy stands out as a leading national and international organization in aviation training. Thanks to its collaboration with Airways Aviation, it offers students a unique educational experience with locations in 7 countries on different continents.

The training programs are designed in collaboration with national and international universities, so that future pilots receive a comprehensive and high-quality education. NorthFLY provides its students with a unique experience during flight training with aircraft with different aerodynamic characteristics, while offering customized training programs tailored to the needs of each student, adopting an approach focused on the individual, not the fleet.

Thanks to its operational agility, students have the opportunity to receive flight training without wasting time and have the chance to fly in different locations and experience different regions during their pilot training. NorthFLY Flight Academy is based in Samsun and has campuses in Istanbul and Tekirdağ. As a flight school authorized by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), it provides aviation and pilotage training services to individuals and public institutions in many points of Turkey. NorthFLY is the perfect starting point for future aviation professionals and continues to support their success in the industry by providing students with international standard education.